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The Voodoo Analyst May 2016 newsletter has now been published for subscribers.

In this issue: Dow, VIX, ASX200, DAX, Footsie, Gold, Corn, Wheat, AUDUSD & USDCAD currencies


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Total Profit (since inception on 23rd September 2015): 5.31% (8.85% pa) as at 1st May 2016

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Indices Highlights:

Dow - called for a low and rally to new all time highs the day before the October 2014 low when many were calling a bear market underway. Also, forecast to within 1% the 2015 high price 6 months in advance, identified the topping pattern leading into the May 2015 high and called the final high the day after it occurred.

ASX200 - forecast to within 1% the 2015 high price 4 months in advance.

Bovespa - forecast to within 0.5% the 2015 high price and called the high on the day it occurred. 

BSE SENSEX - forecast to within 1% the 2015 high price 2 months in advance.

DAX - the 2015 top played out exactly as forecast and called the top 4 days after the event.

Footsie - identified the topping pattern and called the 2015 top the day it occurred.


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